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Carpet Cleaning in Auburndale

Different types of carpet cleaning options in Auburndale

Carpets have become a very integral part of our tradition and our culture as if you take a deep look at the history you will find almost all the beautiful mansions and homes have one thing in common and that are carpets. There are several types of carpets available today and so are the materials used for cleaning them. Carpets may add elegance to your dream home but a dirty carpet can equally damage the reputation of a well kept home if not paid attention to, which is why carpet cleaning in Auburndale is a regular must do activity in most of the homes. This article will offer you enough information about the different types of carpet cleaning services available and the first one to start will be hot water extraction cleaning.
Hot water extraction cleaning is also popularly known by the name of steam carpet cleaning due to the use of hot steam in removing dirt particles from the carpet fibers. This process involves agitating the carpet fibers with a brush and a cleaning agent to remove the dirt particles and then cleaning the carpet and allowing it to dry in room temperature. This process of carpet cleaning in Auburndale takes about two to three hours to complete where the average size of the carpet comes around to be 3000 square feet approximately.  
The second types of carpet cleaning process is known by the name of Carpet Shampooing, which is a very old procedure introduced in the year 1970. This type of carpet cleaning process in Auburndale was highly unpopular among people as it reduces the quality of the carpet and takes much more time compared to the other methods of carpet cleaning. Encapsulation is another method of carpet cleaning, which requires the utilization of synthetic detergent as a base to clean the carpet. This detergent takes the form of powder when dried thereby attracting all the dirt particles with itself and after brushing the dirt particles are easily removed from the carpet.

Encapsulation method of cleaning is much popular than other methods like shampooing because of the less usage of water in the process, which makes the process much faster. After cleaning the carpet the chemical residue left is also very less compared to that of any other cleaning procedure like shampooing. The process may be much effective than others but when it comes to cleaning heavily soiled carpets it may not be that beneficial.